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Mother And Daughter Adjust To Life After Suv's Fall From Overpass - News - The Cantonrep - Canton, Oh

It was a really good day, she added. They left early to beat an approaching storm back to New Philadelphia, where the Guthries planned to bunk overnight because the Air Ambulance Med Flight Evac dog couldnt stay with their cats. Kymberlie Guthrie texted her mother before the hour drive home, She goes, OK. See you soon. Near U.S. Route 30, the Guthries stopped at a car wash they visited on the drive up. Kymberlie Guthrie wanted to check for a lost dog bone. They continued west on Route 30, turning at about 10 p.m. onto the ramp for Interstate 77 southbound. Paul was driving the 2000 Chevrolet Tracker with Kymberlie in the passenger seat. Emelyn was behind her next to Gabriella, their car seats so close they touched. Thats where Guthries memory ends. I remember slamming against the walls and being in the air, she said. After that: hospital. A LONG NIGHT The SUVs front passenger side struck the onramps western concrete wall. The vehicle went airborne and landed 30 feet away on the barrier. Then it slid on the drivers side door before it rolled onto its top and slid some more. Canton resident Bruno Gregg, who was driving on another ramp below, saw sparks and then the bottom of the Tracker as it went over the less than 3-foot-tall wall. Officials say the small SUV plummeted 65 feet, slamming into trees and a retaining wall before landing upright in the frigid Nimishillen Creek. Gregg pulled off the ramp and made his way toward the screams coming from the creekbed.

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