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Specialized Care For Children Reaches New Heights - San Antonio Express-news

"Wanna give her a little kiss?" He held the child out to main page her mother, as Daugherty leaned over, stroking Raylynn's head and giving her three quick smooches on the forehead. Asay pressed a button and the Isolette blinked to life. Perez placed Raylynn in the pod, bright white light showering over her. The mother packed the baby bag pink, leopard-print blanket, formula, car seat. Asay packed the Isolette syringes, stethoscope, blood cultures, antibiotics. "Rock on, boys," McLelland said when everyone was ready, leading the procession out of the ER and into the ambulance. Transferring care At the emergency department at Cook Children's Medical Center, the team rolled the Isolette and stretcher into a room labeled the Critical Decision Unit. While McLelland gave a summary of treatment to a Cook Children's nurse, Perez lifted Raylynn out of the Isolette and handed her back to Daugherty. The nurse came in and began to ask the mother questions as she changed Raylynn's diaper. Daugherty wiped the baby's bottom with a wet cloth and answered the questions. In the hallway, Perez and Asay were already getting ready for their next run. Perez wiped the surface of the Isolette with an alcohol swab while McLelland finished filling out Raylynn's medical chart. With more than 2,400 transports at Cook Children's each year, it's impossible to get attached to each child. They have to balance caring for their patients with keeping a critical distance to do their jobs properly. "There are those few we follow up with, then there are those we never see again," Perez said. McLelland said she connects most with a patient when she sees some kind of personal connection to or reminder of her own life. "I'll tell you when the emotion part comes in when it's yours," McLelland said. "Your kid's name. Your kid's birthday. But if we took every story to heart, we wouldn't be able to come back each day." The team drove back to Meacham, unloaded the ambulance and, around 2 p.m., another call came in.

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