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2 Injured In Forklift Accident At Highland Rim Speedway - Wkrn News 2

Roger Cunningham, the co-owner of Highling Rim Speedway, was seriously injured in a forklift accident Saturday. (Courtesy: Smokey Barn News) (Courtesy: Smokey Barn News) Courtesy: Smokey Barn News Roger Cunningham and his wife, Lucia More on the Web Smokey Barn News: Two Injured In Forklift Accident At Highland Speedway Saturday GREENBRIER, Tenn. - A forklift accident at the Highland Rim Speedway in Greenbrier left two men injured Saturday afternoon, including one of the speedway's owners. Both the forklift's driver and co-owner Roger Cunningham were hurt in the accident around 1:20 p.m. Cunningham, 60, was seriously injured and flown to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville for treatment. He was last listed in stable condition. The driver was transported via ambulance to NorthCrest Medical Center in Springfield with minor injuries. The accident happened as Cunningham was perched on top of a platform elevated by the forklift to replace flags along the race track. The forklift somehow failed either by a loss of power or brake failure, causing it to roll down the track. The machine ultimately tipped while Cunningham was still on top,approximately 30feet in the air. His wife Lucia told News 2 he suffered numerous broken bones including his leg and eight ribs. He also suffered severe facial injuries. Cunningham, a former race car driver who raced for 20 years, and his longtime friend Jerry Criswell purchased the Highland Rim Speedway in 2012. "His heart and some sweat, and now blood and tears, have been put into that track to make it the best track in the area," said Lucia. A resident of Mt. Juliet, Cunningham is also the Vice President of national sales for Centurion Stone , a position he has held for many years. "Just pray for him to bounce back, which we all know he will, because if you know my dad, you know there's no holding him down," Cunningham's daughter Kelli told News 2. The driver of the forklift, Moises Felipa, 34,has since been released from the hospital. Most Popular StoriesMost Popular Stories More>>

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