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Glacier Hiker Fires Gun At Charging Bear; Woman Injured In Fall

April Payton Photography The hiker deployed his canister of bear spray and then discharged one round of his handgun. It is believed the bear was wounded and ran away. The hiker then turned around and hiked back to the trailhead, warning other hikers on the trail of the incident. The hiker met a park volunteer backcountry ranger on the trail, and the ranger notified park dispatch of the situation. The hiker was not injured. Officials closed the trail and started an http://airambulanceusa.newsvine.com investigation into the incident. Park rangers and bear specialists hiked from the trailhead, and were transported via helicopter to the summit of Mount Brown, to investigate and search for the bear. Officials say its likely the bear was wounded. The trail remains closed as the investigation continues. *** In another incident, park officials were notified that a hiker in the Lunch Creek Drainage needed emergency help around 2:15 p.m. Saturday. A 54-year old woman from Kalispell fell, tumbled a short distance, dislocated her knee and was unable to hike out of the area by Going-to-the-Sun Road. Her hiking companion hiked to the Going-to-the-Sun Road to get help. Two rangers found her in a steep and rugged area, off trail. The hikers were hiking off trail when the incident occurred. Three rangers were flown to the area via helicopter to provide medical assistance and help evacuate the hiker. Due to the terrain and the injury, rangers determined she would need to be hoisted out of the area.

For the initial version along with all extra images or videos, pay a visit to http://missoulian.com/news/local/7458e09e-1540-11e4-bd90-001a4bcf887a.html

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