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'bachelor In Paradise' Spoilers: Reality Steve Dishes On Handcuffs, Ambulances And Injuries

Many were particularly intrigued by a shot of someone in handcuffs and another bit showing an ambulance. Just what is that about? Reality Steve dished out the goods on the handcuffs along with some other Bachelor in Paradise spoilers . While the preview made it seem that there had been some kind of violent assault, that is not at all the case. Steve shares, The guys had a pair of handcuffs and were seeing who could get out of them the quickest. Thats all. The show was smart enough, though, to make sure cameras caught them playing around with the handcuffs as it sure makes for some juicy footage to twist around and use. The preview definitely made it seem that something huge and vicious had happened, but it will play out much differently as the individual episodes air. There was also an ambulance scene, which was edited to look like it might be related to the handcuffs incident. Who heads to the hospital? Again, this one is nothing violent or frightening. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from Reality Steve indicate that this footage is probably from the time that Lacy Faddoul was briefly taken to the Air Ambulance Med Flight Evac hospital. While Steve doesnt have all of the specifics on that front, he says that it was due to some bad food or dehydration, something of that nature. In addition, Marcus Grodd ended up at the hospital at one point, as he had to get stitches after a toe injury. During the preview when someone references a lot of blood, its related to Marcus injury. Despite the fact that some of the supposed drama can be explained away, the preview teased plenty of other juicy tidbits. As Buddy TV notes, the Bachelor in Paradise spoiler preview shows plenty of tears, fights, kisses and other tantalizing tidbits. Will anybody find love during their time in Mexico?

For the original edition which includes any extra graphics or video recording, check-out 'Bachelor In Paradise' Spoilers: Reality Steve Dishes on Handcuffs, Ambulances And Injuries

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