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- Everybody Wins In Charity Match For Air Ambulance

dss00160 Darren Jones from Penycae praised the work of paramedics after his son Owen, who was nine-years-old at the time, fell from a tree and a falling branch pierced his stomach. He was lucky not to damage to his heart and lung as the sharp piece of wood ricocheted off his rib cage causing no major damage to either organ. To thank the crew who went to Owens rescue, Mr Jones organised a charity football match between the current Railway Inn FC squad and the squad from 1993. The reunion match raised 600 for the air ambulance service. Owen was camping with his cousin when the accident happened on July 20 last year. Wales Air Ambulance paramedics arrived within 12 minutes of receiving the call and provided treatment at the scene before airlifting Owen to Ysbyty Gwynedd. Mr Jones, who played for the team of 1993, said: The air ambulance is a service you never know youll need until its too late but I really appreciate them now. As a thank you, I organised the match. Although the current squad beat us 7-0, the real winner was the Wales Air Ambulance. The paramedics were fantastic with Owen. It was great that they got there so quickly to treat Owen and thankfully there has been no lasting damage. Former Wrexham FC player and manager Dixie McNeil praised Mr Jones for organising the fundraiser in aid of the Air Ambulance, for whom he is now a fundraising ambassador. Mr McNeil said: The air ambulance does not receive any support from the National Lottery or Government, we are entirely dependent on public donations. We rely totally on the support of people like Darren and I cant thank him enough for his generosity its MedicalFlights just a shame about the final score! From events like this to membership of the Wales Air Ambulance lottery, there are a number of ways for people to support our work. Jason Williams, clinical and operations manager for the Wales Air Ambulance, said: It was suspected Owen had damage to his heart and lung as a result of the branch impaling itself through the lower left side of his rib cage. Luckily the branch seemed to ricochet off his rib cage. The paramedics were able to arrive promptly, provide treatment and airlift the young boy to hospital. For more news from across the region visit leaderlive.co.uk

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