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Mercy Air Med Flight Crew Returns To Service

Maggie of Dallas, Texas. blog Med-Trans contracts with Mercy-North Iowa to provide medical helicopter transportation service. Med-Trans Corp. has been amazing, Williams said. A new permanent helicopter should be in service in early March, he said. It will be the same model as the previous helicopter, a Bell 407. In the meantime, the flight crew has been busy training to prepare for the day the flight service resumes. Theyve done a lot of helicopter flying, including with family members, Williams said. For all of us, its important, he said. This is what we love to do. We live to fly. We know there are patients out there that need our care. Were still committed. Were still striving for the highest level of excellence. Since Jan. 2, medical helicopter services from locations such as Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo and Sioux City have been providing helicopter service for Mercy-North Iowa, Williams said. The most overwhelming and amazing part has been the support of the community and other flight programs, he said. Copyright 2014 Mason City Globe Gazette. All rights reserved.

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